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MBA, or Master’s of Business Administration Degrees, are secondary graduate degrees that prepare students for high-level business and management positions. MBAs are offered at schools all over the world. Additionally there are many MBA options online.

According to The Bureau of Labor Statistics, top executives typically need to hold a higher education degree in order to receive advancements within an organization or business. An undergraduate degree in business administration, public administration, or law could be helpful. Top executives of large corporations usually have a MBA on top of their undergraduate degree.

The following are different types of MBA programs that are available for graduate students.

Types of MBA Degree Programs:

Although there are a few types of programs, not every business school offers all the types. Therefore, if you know the type of degree you want it’s important to make sure the school you wish to attend has the degree option available. Most schools, including online schools, offer at least one of more of the following:

  • One-Year MBA: One-year programs are accelerated programs that have very rigorous academics and can be completed in 12 months. In order to be enrolled in a one-year program you must be able to completely devote yourself to full-time study. Additionally, these programs are quite competitive so you typically need a high GPA in your undergraduate business studies.
  • Two-Year MBA: This is the most typical degree, usually lasting for two-years of full-time study. Since the degree is spread over four semesters, it’s a program suited best for students not working full-time outside of the program.
  • Part-Time MBA: Part-time programs are the best option if you’re a working professional or have a family life and can not attend class full-time. Part-time MBAs are often offered online so you’re able to complete your education from anywhere. These programs can take three to four years to complete.
  • Executive MBA: This program is best for those who are already upper level managers in businesses. It’s best for those who need additional skills to get job advancements. In order to receive this degree you must already have five years of work experience.

What degree you decide to pursue all depends on your interests and career goals. Make sure the program you choose aligns with those future goals. If you’re currently working in the field, you might want to speak with your employer to find out what program would best help you advance in your career position.

Online MBA Programs and other Business Degrees

Kaplan University – While Kaplan University is primarily an online school, it does have over 90 campuses across the nation. However, online programs will not require on-site visitation in order to complete the degree program. Kaplan offers distance learning programs for a general MBA, an MBA in finance, and an MBA in Marketing.
Grand Canyon University – Grand Canyon University is a highly-rated, Christian college founded over 60 years ago. The online programs from GCU focus on integrity, business ethics, and making moral-based decisions. The school has two online MBAs available; the first is a general MBA while the second degree is an MBA in Leadership.
Walden University – Walden University is one of the largest providers in online, higher education. This Minnesota-based school was founded in 1970 and now has nearly 50,000 students enrolled. Walden offers an MBA entirely online that prepares students for administrative and leadership positions in businesses and organizations.
Liberty University – Liberty University, one of the biggest Christian schools in the nation, is based out of Lynchburg, Virginia. However, the school is also one of the biggest providers of online education and includes a program for its MBA degree. This two-year program teaches students several advanced business theories and applications, leadership-oriented skills, and business ethics.
Ashford University – Ashford University was founded in 1918 and is based out of Clinton, Iowa. It remains a popular choice among students who seek to pursue their degree online and offers a general MBA and an MBA in Environmental Management. The latter is an excellent choice for students who are seeking to work for non-profit organizations.

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