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10 Beautiful Places on Earth You Must Discover

There are some places on earth that prove that God played favorites during creation – they simply steal your breath away with their sheer beauty and natural charm. Perhaps they were modeled on paradise, or perhaps they were meant to be teasers of what paradise could be; whatever the reason for their creation, it sure pays to visit them at least once in your lifetime:

  1. Machu Picchu, Peru: Featuring on almost every top ten list of beautiful places, this famed city of the ancient Incas takes your breath away. Located almost 8,000 ft above sea level, it is has both picturesque and historic value.
  2. Navagio Beach, Greece: One of Greece’s most famous attractions, this isolated strip of beach is accessible only through the sea because it is surrounded by steep cliffs on three sides.
  3. Sogndfiord, Norway: This fjord extends for over 300 miles, and is dominated by coasts and isles on the outside and steep and high mountains on the inside. Charming towns and settlements can be found along the length of the fjord and its branches.
  4. Mamanuca Islands, Fiji: One of the islands on this volcanic archipelago was the scenic setting for the runaway hit movie Cast Away. Popular with tourists from across the world, these 20 islands are a dream destination for a vacation.
  5. Iguazu Waterfalls: Located along the borders of Brazil, Argentina and Paraguay, the sheer beauty of these falls makes Niagara look like a poor second cousin. The surrounding landscape too is of phenomenal beauty, and the view from each country is uniquely enjoyable.
  6. The Grand Canyon, Colorado: Nearly 300 miles long, up to 18 miles wide and with a depth of over a mile, this beautiful canyon shows you just what nature can achieve in the span of a million or more years. Formed by the Colorado river, the Grand Canyon overwhelms with its massive size and its intricate and colorful landscape.
  7. Blue Mountains, New South Wales: Miles of eucalyptus forest stretch across ridges and cliffs that surround deep gorges, and the area gets its name from the blue haze that hangs low over the valley.
  8. Blue Grotto Cave, Capri: This sea cave on the coast of Capri gets its name from the blue reflection that illuminates the cavern when sunlight passes through an underwater cavity and shines through the water. Access is through the sea, and visitors must lie flat on the boats to avoid hitting their heads when going through the entrance.
  9. Glacier Bay, Alaska: A popular cruise ship destination during the summer months, this bay has many branches, inlets and lagoons that are a visual treat and an explorer’s dream come true. Spanning over 1,375 square miles, Glacier Bay is also the world’s largest protected water area park.
  10. Isla Vieques, Puerto Rico: If you enjoy stretches of sandy beaches framed by rolling hills, old world charm and unspoiled natural beauty, then this is the place to be. Underdeveloped because of the US Navy’s presence till recent years, Isla Vieques is now marketed as the perfect eco-tourism destination.